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I planned our trip to the cabin around the new moon in July. We stayed up til after 1am three nights in a row star gazing. I've never seen skies so dark and so many stars in the sky. Summer skies really show off Scorpius and Sagittarius which houses the most Messier objects of any other constellations. The center of our Milky Way Galaxy is just above the tail of Scorpius which explains why so many objects are visible.
Star Trails Around PolarisBig Dipper - 5 Second ExposureBig Dipper - 30 Second ExposureBig Dipper - 60 Second ExposureCassiopeia & Andromeda GalaxyCassiopeia & Andromeda GalaxyMilky Way Galaxy - Directly OverheadMilky WaySagittarius, Scorpius, Jupiter & the Milky WaySagittarius, Scorpius, Jupiter & the Milky WaySouthern Milky WayStar TrailsBig Dipper - 15 Second Exposure